Thursday, February 18, 2010

More happy dancing!

Hello again, surprise!?  Wow, hard to believe it's been nearly 3 weeks, but I decided to skip the blogging for awhile to focus more on normal life.  There's been so much going on around here, and that probably sounds silly about the dancing- but I've found so many things to be happy about! My sweet husband finished most of the window trim, found a new & prettier front door (free except for the cost of having a jam built for it, which we are now waiting for), and built me this new bed with lots of storage space underneath! I'm planning to make a bed-skirt and working on a king-size quilt, but it was fun to use the fair quilt for the photo.

Regarding the bed, Andy has slept the past 2 nights in his own crib for 10+ hours each night!  He's quite plump and 6 months old now, so it was time.  I was dreading puting up with the crying, but he's seemed to cut back quite a bit.  He definately seems to think he's been cheated somehow.  But it's so nice to wake up feeling somewhat rested in the mornings!

Andy is also weaned off his medicine for reflux, and rolling all over the place; he seems much happier.  He's got two new teeth and it appears that more are on the way from the amount of liquid that accumulates on his shirt continuously.  He's been moving his hand when we wave, and today he was trying to wave at us!  I just love to watch the personality come out, he's trying to communicate with us and it's so sweet.

Breanna has started sewing some fun hot-pads, and would make them all day if I'd let her.  I can't show you a picture just yet, as she's making them for a surprise for the Grandma's.  She also won the random drawing that Quilting in my Pyjamas had, and was quite surprised/excited!  In a couple weeks she will receive a fabric assortment all the way from Australia!!  Lundell's gave her a fun pink storage bin that she's starting to fill with her fabrics, she appears to have gotten a good dose of my sewing genes. As you can see, she sure likes her daddy.  =)

For my birthday, my mom sent me some money to spend on sewing fun.... what a treat after avoiding the fabric store!  I chose very carefully, used coupons, and had so much fun.  Another friend sent some money for a project I'd helped on, and this time I decided to treat the family to a fun evening.  After Daddy came home we went to dinner at Burger King, then the kids got to each spend $5 how they wanted (Breanna- fabric, Levi- match box trucks), and then we stopped at Little Millers for ice cream before coming home.  The new budget has really changed all of our attitudes, we really enjoyed all the little things!  On the way home Breanna asked "why are we spending all this money?!?"  We told her it was just a treat somebody sent, and she said "oh, so we just spend other people's money?"  =) I do like the change it's bringing, before the kids just expected to do things like that all the time, and didn't appreciate it. This is Levi being silly on the bunk-bed.

We also got to try ice-fishing last weekend!  A bunch of friends met at the lake, and the kids had a blast both fishing and enjoying the other kids.  Andy wasn't quite as impressed, so we spent most of the time keeping warm in Heather's truck.

So last, but probably most exciting, my sister is getting married!  She's been dating Chad for well over a year now, and they are very happy; so we are very excited for them!  Won't get to actually meet him till just before the wedding, but it will be fun to meet all his family at the same time! I'm sure there'll be lots of fancy photos next time I see her, so here's a fun one from when she was living in AZ.
This will be all for now, tomorrow is sewing circle and it's my turn this week, so lots of fun treats to make and more house to clean. Breanna is excited to help!


KatieB said...

I seriously love that quilt! Gorgeous. Great job on all of the building too! My husband can't wait to get into his new shop once tax season is over. Cute kiddos! They look so happy! Once I finish all of the unpacking this week, I might venture into teaching Emma how to sew. You've proven that we can have enough patience to teach a five year old! :)
That ice fishing looks...cold!
Happy day to you, Friend!

Lisa said...

Thank you, Katie! Our day of ice fishing was actually about 40degrees, which seemed warm to us! =) I'm finding I get more patience teaching the five-year-old who has now had lots of practice playing with scrap fabric on her own, and getting used to the machine.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I love your new bed, and I LOVE the picture of Breanna and Tyler-- so sweet! Glad to hear Andy is doing so well, can't wait to meet him sometime!