Saturday, February 20, 2010


I've been itching to sew, but for now I'm working on getting things organized so it's more fun to sew!  This is the fabric I'm planning on using for a table-runner. Not sure on the pattern I'm using, but I love looking at it. I got it with some of the money from Mom, and when I bought it Tyler said "what are you making with that?"  I said, um..... something pretty?!  =)  Do you ever have that; just can't not get something, yet you're not sure what you'll do with it?
I've also been cutting out lots of little blue, yellow, white, and navy squares for a king-size bed quilt. I'm using scraps, so it takes longer but I usually like the look better.  I think quilts with a few fabrics are beautiful too, but often I like them even better when there are lots and lots of fabrics.  I haven't gotten too far on these yet. Notice the sunlight in these fabric photos....... we're getting so much more of it lately!
And here's the sewing area we were using.... more photos when I actually get done. Now that Breanna is sewing with me, more space and organization will be helpful!
There's a huge window on the wall where the quilting machine is, and it has southern exposure.... it's wonderful to have all that sunshine while working!


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...


I didn't know that you had a quilting machine.
I am so envious... They are about $20,000 to buy here so I can't see myself EVER getting one.

Love your sewing space and those fabrics you bought are lovely ( and I have lots of things I buy with no particular project in mind)

Lisa said...

First of all, we only spent about half that on the quilting machine with stitch regulator & table; it's a HandiQuilter (HQ16) not a Gammill or anything really expensive like that. Things are more expensive up here in Alaska than most states, too, probably a bit like where you are.
Sometimes I think maybe it was a waste of money, but then I try to do a small doll quilt on the regular sewing machine, and I'm instantly reminded why I love it!! I know... you'll just have to come visit and try it out! =) The goal is to someday make a descent income with it, but I think that will be once the kids are in school. Life with 3 little ones is quite busy, but I wouldn't trade it!