Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fun in the mail!

 Last week we had two very fun packages arrive in the mail! The first was clear from Australia; the fabric (and a whole lot more!) that Breanna won from Shay, another blogger who loves to quilt.  She had won two Moda Scrap Bags from the "Vine Creek" prints, but Shay put in a whole bunch of fun treats that we don't get over here.
There were some Nestle Smarties (Australia's version of M&M's, only a whole lot bigger and better!), chicken flavored ruffled chips (and they really taste like chicken!), Violet Crumbles (a treat Tyler loves to get when we drive thru Canada), and Monte Carlo Raspberry cookies (or as she calls them, biscuits).  =) Everything was delicious, and quite a nice surprise!
There was a big post-card with a kangaroo on it, and Breanna asked "is that real?"  We've read about them in books and such, but she'd never seen one in real life. What a fun toy this has created!
And, of course, the best part.... fabric! These are all coordinating prints, the leftovers from when they make Jelly Rolls, Layer Cakes, Charm Packs, etc. Each strip is roughly 30inches long, and from 2-4 inches wide. Between the two bags I think there were about 40 strips.
And very unexpected.... she also sent 5 blue "Flat Fats", very similar to our Fat Quarters, for me!  They are tiny, pretty prints in blues, I can't wait to use them!

The second package, just a couple days later; came from Kylee & Doug, and cousin Kiera in Oregon!  There were backpacks for each of the kids, and lots of fun new toys, stickers, large printed photos of the kids, play money (Andy loves the huge coins for teething!), and some fun little workbooks Kylee made for each of them. Levi has his own real toolbox full of play tools, so it was great to have more fun things to add!

There were also two huge coloring pads and crayons for each (the fat crayons are perfect for Levi, Kylee!).  They were so excited about them that I had to limit them each to one page per day, so they will last more than a week!  =)

Breanna loves to color, and she's doing a wonderful job at keeping within the lines!
There were some rubber spiders that the big kids were absolutely terrified of. Levi reached out with a quivering arm to touch it (and jumped back like it bit him!), but Breanna stood clear across the room saying "I don't know why he'd even want to touch that!!  It was all I could do to not laugh, but I do admit they were very real-looking.  Andy, however, didn't understand- and swiped it up quickly to "taste" it when I showed it to him.  =)
Thanks, girls, the kids loved waiting for the mail to come before.... now they are really interested!  =) Aunt Bet & Grandma Jill sent a package with toys and clothes a couple months ago, too, they are getting spoiled!


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

I'm glad everything arrived in one piece and was enjoyed by all!

KatieB said...

I wish we lived closer! The kids would have so much fun playing together! Do your kids like postcards? Hmmm....might be fun to exchange state postcards?

Lisa said...

That would be fun, Katie, they are mostly .25cents or less, and the kids absolutely love picking them out! They are so fun to get in the mail, too, they play with them for months. And yes, it would be fun to live closer! You'll just have to come visit sometime, the quilting machine will be waiting. =)