Friday, December 11, 2009

Slippers from Marlene

Marlene stopped by today to drop off a pair of felted wool slippers for Levi! She's always bringing fun goodies and treats, and Levi was excited to have a pair like Breanna and I. They are the perfect colors, his favorite, with lots of orange! He slipped into them and went on his way as if they were perfect. Luckily she made them a little big so he can wear them a long time, because I think it's going to be hard to get him to let go of them. He tried to convince Daddy tonight that he needed to wear them to bed. =)

The kids sure enjoy her visits. And Mommy too, we talk lots of sewing! =)

And this is my new pair! If your feet are warm, all of you is warm; and I have become quite fond of these slippers she makes!

For Billie, as requested, here is a photo of me.

And the new sling I traded for at the last bazaar! That is almost the best part, trading with other vendors without spending money. Andy really likes it too.

Notice the ugly brown door and blue masking tape to cover up the insulation? We've finished most of the house update, but I'll be very excited when that thing's gone and replaced! It's old and doesn't keep much cold out, and I'm looking forward to one with a window to let in more sunlight. We're almost to the shortest day of the year, then more sunlight- yipee!


Amy said...

Hi Lisa, fun to see your sewing blog and be inspired by what you're up to. Notice that I'm posting this at 2 a.m. I'm in the hospital with Ann overnight, and it doesn't equal much sleep--but she's doing great.

Becky Gonce said...

I am right there with Levi...I have wanted some of those slippers for several years...though I know I won't be making them any time soon. Knitting with the kids is impossible! =-) You are amazing with all the sewing and 3 you ever sleep?!?!