Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bazaar Success!

This year I attempted 2 bazaars, with pretty good success. I sold mostly smaller things, but a quilt and two table-runners also! I made a bunch of quilted pot-holders, but forgot to take a photo.
I was planning on selling my fair quilt since we now have a king-size bed and this is only a queen-size, but after the ooohs and aaahs I got at both bazaars; I think it might be good to keep for a backdrop! Besides the things I sold, I got quite a few custom orders and put out quite a few business cards for quilting.
My little helper pinning 3" marks for sewing. She was very anxious to help with the bazaar items, now that she can sew!
Coloring bundles; they have a notebook and crayons, and roll up to fit in your purse for entertaining kids! These sold very well, and they are great for the doctors office, airplane, restaurants, meeting, etc.

On the inside.

At home we use aprons at mealtime in an attempt to avoid stains on clothes, and several had said that I should sell them. I gave it a try, and came home with only half of them left! They have velcro on the neck for easy on-and-off, and the only complaint about the aprons was that there were no boys colors! Note that for next year....

I also had an adorable little girl modeling an apron, these kids love bazaars! They even have their own at home when playing. =)

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Evan and Clover and Co. said...

That's awesome that the bazaars were worthwhile! I know we sure love the Aunt Lisa aprons we have!