Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New Adventures

Welcome to our crafty corner, where my daughter and I are sure to be found weekly; if not daily! She turned five last week, which was when I'd promised to teach her to use the sewing machine. She's been counting the months and weeks for some time, so this really is an exciting adventure!
I spent the first "lesson" with no thread in the machine, and using paper instead of fabric. The needle pierces holes so she can follow the lines and we can see her progress. You should have heard the giggling when I showed her how to zig-zag.... and it really was funny to watch the needle bobbing from side to side. I'm amazed at how quickly she figured out how to make the machine work and use all the knobs, looks like I'm going to need to get my other machine fixed so she has her own! =D

Can you see the enthusiasm?

This was a day for sewing, and getting down to business; so we obviously didn't worry about hair-styles... =)

And this is a sweet photo of my three children with their aunt Lindsey, on Thanksgiving day.

This will be all for now, as the baby is sleeping and I need to head that way also. I'm also busy preparing for a craft bazaar on Saturday, so am using every spare moment to sew.

Happy crafting!


Sue said...

Silly me! I did not even think to try clicking on the words. It worked and I saw the excitment in your childs face. How exciting for you. You know the boys come next! Have fun teaching. Sue

Becky Gonce said...

This is exciting.. can't wait to see some great projects! =-)

billieq said...

Lisa, I just checked this new blog out for the first time and loved it. Only problem is there are NO pictures with ;you in them. You will hae to teach Breanna to use the camera. She seems an apt student. Love, Billie Q.

Heidi said...

Lisa...I just finally checked out your new blog. I love it! You are a quilting wonder, cranking out projects left and right -- and with three kids!!!!! I'm definitely impressed.