Sunday, December 27, 2009

Placemats, Aprons, Candy Canes, and Coffee for Tammy

Marlene gave me these fabrics to make two aprons and four placemats for her to use as Christmas gifts. I used the leftovers for the placemats, and made up a fun pattern I can use for scrap reduction!

This was a fun project for the kids......
And they loved it! Always nice when you can eat the results... =)

For Christmas we didn't have any family within 3,000 miles, so we invited some friends who were in the same predicament. It turned out to be a fun day of food and games! Especially 'Blokus' and 'Blokus Duo'; they are worth every penny!
Anyway, Tammy had asked me to make her some coffee-themed hot-pads a while back, and I had some leftover fabrics.....

So this is what she got to take home with her.

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KatieB said...

Gorgeous! I love the wall-hanging.