Monday, December 7, 2009

Breanna's First Project

Breanna's first sewing project was, by her request, a doll quilt! She chose the bright block colors from my stash of scraps, and backing she purchased herself with a gift-card she got for her birthday. I cut the blocks out for her, as I wasn't too sure about a 5-year-old with a rotary cutter!
Piecing the blocks together.

We used the turning method instead of binding, for simplicity. I would also recommend that anyone who is sewing much at all invest in some quilters pins. They are longer, have larger heads, are pretty inexpensive, and my invaluable friends!

Quilting along the seams.

All done!

The fun backing was covered in colorful cupcakes.

She tried it out on her favorite doll, which seemed to be impressed.

I think she did a lovely job, and she was an excellent student! We probably attempted a bit too difficult of a project for the first one, but she finished in one day. This is a patience-learning process for me, but I am so excited to have a sewing partner!

Also peaking out from the quilt are her felted-wool slippers that Marlene made for her. I just got a new pair, too, which I'll have to take a picture of to show you. They are absolutely wonderful for keeping us warm, perfect in the winter! Marlene made me a pair a few years ago, but the soles finally wore out from so much use. However, I patched them up with some wool yard from Sheri, and will felt them down smaller to tighten them up for my sister, Anna to wear! She moved from Phoenix to Minnesota this summer, so is surely going to get a lot more wear out of them. I'm thinking of puting leather soles over the felt to make them wear better, has anyone ever tried this?

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