Monday, April 2, 2012

Doll Jammies

Breanna has been wanting me to make her some doll clothes for a long time.  I remember one of my distant cousins having lots of neat clothes and outfits that someone had made for her doll, so decided it would be a fun memory.  And I had fun making these!  I had some leftover pieces of flannel that I didn't want to throw away, nor had found something to make of them.... until now.

First was this soft nightgown.  The fabric is leftover from her jammy pants, so they can match!

Then some lime-green (her favorite color) P.J.'s.

And some camouflage P.J.'s.

She just came home from school and saw them, and really likes them.  I thought maybe I would sell some of them, and keep one set and a nightgown for her, but she says "no way".  I told her it seemed silly to have so many sets of pj's for a doll, and she asked how many pairs I have for myself.  So, maybe I'll have to make some in colors she doesn't like!  ;)


Kylee said...

wow kiera loves these pictues!

Shay said...

Love those camo pj's!

Bethaney said...

Haha! I can just see her amazement that you would suggest that three pairs is too many! Orianna has been bugging me to make doll clothes for her dolls too. Super cute jammies!

Anna said...

...and those do sell, you know? Much better than the expensive / not as cute store bought varieties! :)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I love the ruffle detail! I better not show these to Cheyenne, or I will hear begging for jammies for her Felicity doll! ;-)