Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Visitors, Birthday, and Denim Transformation Tutorial.

The outside of the garage is now finished (yay!), and Levi had fun "helping" Daddy.  The old siding was the perfect place to practice the power drill!
 Two weekends ago, we had a family visit us that we knew in Alaska.  That made one dozen kids in the house.... what fun!!!
 Aunt Lindsey was here the same weekend, and we somehow managed to fit 17 people into beds or couches.  It was so much fun visiting with them all, we've been quite spoiled with visitors!
I'm not very good at cake-decorating, but Levi had a great idea to make a farm cake.
 Because Daddy had a birthday!
 Help with the candles.
 Looks like we're going to need 4-wheel-drive.
 Those pigs look a little deep in the mud also.
 Wish the big ones came out of the field that easy!
 Levi's creation from Connectagons.  Thanks, aunt Bet; you always pick the best toys!
 One morning we woke up to 14 deer in the yard and across the street.
 It was hard to get them all in one photo.
 Not looking too promising for a garden...
 Where do they all go when hunting season starts?
 Levi helping Lindi make salad, we were lucky to have her for a few days!
 This is his new hobby.

 Aunt Diane snuggling Andy.
 Reading "Tundra" comics with Lindi.

 Singing, what a treat; there was lots of piano playing!
 Sweet girls.  Lindi last saw Breanna when she was just a baby.
 Ooops, silly picture.
 Last week we went to my parents' for the weekend.  The weather was beautiful.
 Farmin' friends.
 Levi was so impressed how many huge daffodils Grandma had!
 Andy was impressed with the fudge-sickles.
 Just a little.
 Kiera, "look, I'm having down-time with Rosie!"
 I got these short-alls today at the thrift store for Breanna.
 However, they weren't long enough in the torso.
 So I opened them up, to make into a jumper instead.
 And the back.
 This needs trimmed... or it will pull funny.

 Serging or zig-zagging seam will help it keep from unraveling.
 Then sew down the second row of stitching.
 And on the back.
 Adjust the ham so it will hang even.
Because of the trims, it took a little more time.
 But worth the effort!
 After a few washings, I doubt you'll be able to tell.
 Front completed.
 Back completed.
It turned out extremely short, so I'm planning to add a ruffle along the bottom.
Now I want one of these!
 Elena finished her first quilt, and I got to do the quilting!

That's all for now folks, have a great week!


Bethaney said...

That last quilt is awesome! And Breanna jumper looks super. You are so professional! Lily loved the cake and wanted to know how you made the tractors out of icing. Hahah!
And I am jealous of all your visitors! Looks like lots of fun!

RKing said...

What fun to see pictures of you visitors. What a great houseful.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

What a fun, busy time you've been having! And pass my compliments along to the maker of the quilt-- very unique and beautiful!