Thursday, April 19, 2012

Custom Order Trivet

I made this trivet today from Cupcake fabric, to coordinate with a prior etsy sale.

 And the back; it has a layer of Insul-Bright and also Warm-and-White batting, so is very puffy & will protect the table from hot dishes.

Here is the Potholder that matches. (although the color in this picture is a bit off)

Breanna had her first Piano recital last night!

 Poor lighting and a far seat, but she is in the back.

 Leftover plastic easter eggs make great bathtub toys!

 Along with part of our old coffee pot.

 Ultra-cushy washcloth from Auntie Anna!

 I was trying to get good photos for her to use on etsy.... but not much luck.

 The mailman.

 These two are inseparable!

 Yesterday I hauled this bag to the second-hand store.  70 pounds worth of "stuff" we don't need!
I saw a book that was something like "loose 250 pounds this weekend", about de-cluttering your home.  So we're working on it, and it sure feels good!
 My sister, Anna, has an etsy site now too, check it out at


Shay said...

I always feel so good when I declutter. Most of us have way too much stuff.

Love the hot pad.

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I'm getting out all the kids' summer clothes, and I'm being ruthless about what I keep! I would have loved to have seen Breanna play-- you'll have to take a video sometime!