Thursday, April 26, 2012


Whew, seems to be quite busy around here lately!  But we've been having fun too, and yesterday the boys and I took a trip to Sisters with Elena and Elly.  The kids weren't quite as interested in the quilt store, but they did enjoy the park afterwards.

Andy has been so cranky lately, but took him to the Dr. this morning and both ears have infections.  Poor kid, seems to get more than his share of them!


We've been trying to eat lots more veggies, and I learned this yummy dish from Katie.
First saute the carrots, since they take longer to cook.  Use just a little olive oil.

Next add some sliced mushrooms and broccoli pieces.  

Saute till desired done-ness, adding some olive oil if needed. 

We use this table-runner constantly, it's so nice to have something pretty yet functional!  When you've got a few hot dishes, it's nice to set them on this and not have to pass hotpads with the food.

 Yummy..... something about the taste of this mixture is incredible!  Even the kids love it.

I finished these 3 large doll quilts a couple weeks ago, but never took pictures.  They were made from all the squares I cut out for the little pocket organizers.... decided I cut out waaaay too many, and don't have time to sew them all!


Hawaiian; Pinks/Oranges/Yellows/Greens


This baby quilt has been almost finished for a long time.  I finally remembered to take it with me in the car, so I could finish hand-sewing the binding to the back.

I just love the colors in this one.

And the fluffy thickness with minkie backing.

It's amazing to me what you can do with leftovers/scraps!  I think these were 2.5 inch squares.

Levi and Charlie.  
Over and over, I'm so glad we got these kids a pet!

The Purple and Green Log-Cabin Quilt is finally finished!

Once again..... from my scraps/stash.  It may sound funny, but I'd far rather make a quilt from scraps or small pieces, than yardage.  It's just so much fun to sort and pick the colors/fabrics!

 There's something about this one, I just love the color combination!

The sun really shows off the quilting.

It's now on the extra bed in Breanna's room, which does not match at all, but I haven't gotten the other metal frame painted yet- so this works.

Two special packages came in the mail last week, matching jelly rolls and some white Moda yardage.

Unrolled Jelly Roll, it's always fun to see what's inside.
Lynne picked these for a King-size custom quilt.

The book that the pattern is in is very fun, lots of great starting-point, ideas!
I now have the whole thing cut out.....

And the centers of the blocks started.  Because it's a king-size, and I'm allowing for shrinkage.... there are 98 blocks!  Whew, but assembly line is making them go a little faster.  In the end they look somewhat like tulips, with lots of white background.

I keep it all neat and sorted in a shoe-box, very handy.

Yesterday while at the quilt shop, I saw the most adorable baby boy quilt ever, and decided I needed to make one!  No more babies in this family, but Elena assured me it would sell great on etsy!
"Backyard Baby" by Michael Miller

Look at those fabrics, it was love at first sight! :)

I wished they had yardage of more of the fabrics, but at least the little "custom charm pack" has a good variety.  I can't wait to start this one, but I have quite a few projects that need finished first.

 So what's the motivation for all this?  We desperately need a new stove!  It's original to the house, and we're down to only one burner that works.  Tyler replaced one, but that didn't do the trick.  I think it's just very tired, and I'm also really missing my glass-top.
We're trying to get out of debt, so buying a new one is currently out of the question.  But if I can sell enough on etsy to do the job...... I can't wait!

Want to help me out?  Please do not feel obligated, but if you would like to purchase something, I am offering free shipping on all purchases through Saturday, May 5th.  Simply use the code "FREESHIP" at checkout.  Sorry, this applies to shipping only within the 50 United States.  And again, please don't do this unless you've already been eyeing something and not because you feel obligated.

The sun is shining again (it's been raining), and the grass badly needs mowing again, so off to enjoy the great outdoors.  Hopefully I can get some more quilt pictures for new postings on etsy, too.
Happy Thursday to you!


Leah S said...

I love the pink and green log cabin! It looks like rows of purple flowers between green grass. :)

Makes me kinda wish I had a girl so I could ask you to post it on Etsy... but thankfully there's plenty of boy fabrics on the market too. And I'm young enough to keep trying for a few more babies. ;)

Lisa Marie said...

I recognize the jelly roll and quilt book!!
Isn't that a pretty quilt and the book has lots of projects to add to your list of "want to makes"

Verity Earl said...

I LOVE the purple and green quilt! My favorite so far. :) But then, I like everything you make. It's hard not to!

SunshineStateWilson4 said...

I love that baby boy fabric you found! I saw it the other day on an online fabric cute!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Man, you're making it hard for me to keep up my "no pets" stance! ;-) And I love all those beautiful little quilts. It will be fun to see what Lynn's quilt looks like when it's finished!

Becky Gonce said...

wow! You have been busy! I love purple and greens together... Love all your quilts!