Thursday, April 14, 2011


Thanks to craigslist again, we have an even nicer swing than we had in Alaska.

The kids enjoyed the setting up as much as using it now.

Thank you, Daddy! 
A nest we found when cleaning out the flowers.
Looking better, and flowers starting to bloom.  Irrigation water comes this week, so grass should green-up also.
Daddy had a birthday!
Trying out Levi's shoes.
You're pretty cool when you wear an excavator hat.
Fun at the park with Aunt Lindsey.

Snacks for hungry kids; it was a bit breezy, but very sunny.


Amy said...

Cute kiddos, Lisa! Gorgeous eyes!

Shay said...

Great swing set Lisa. Loved all the pictures. Im a little bit jelaous your weather is so lovely . It's getting so cold here!