Friday, April 8, 2011

Second-hand treasures

I've been shopping at the local second-hand store quite frequently lately, they have different specials every day of the week, so it's fun to go see what we can find.

This vintage Raggedy Ann & Andy pattern has a copyright of 1970, and has never been used or cut into!  Very excited to try this with scraps, and Breanna is anxious to make one for the fair.  .25cents
A complete set of checkers (large size), each measuring about 3inches across, I'm planning to make a quilt for the board.  $2
A pretty old-fashioned jar. $1.75
Perfect for buttons!
This fun reproduction fabric was in a bundle, but they were nice enough to take separate it for me (the rest was junk). $0.99cents.
I'd seen this sticking out of the bundle, and got excited!  It's a sweet 1930's reproduction print of children's nursery rhymes.  It's been washed, but is still over half a yard.
A king-size bedskirt with roses, that matches the quilt pretty well.  It's not perfect, but was only $1, at half price.  At least now I don't have to look at the ugly box-springs anymore.
Vintage play schoolhouse, $1.50.  This is getting a lot of miles, now we need to find some "little-people" and more accessories! Currently it's been used for a barn that stores the tractors.  =)
Oh, you're taking pictures?
Silly grin.
I love to find things I can use, but that are good deals!


Sheri said...

Love your photos and comments. Great finds...we had one of those school fact Mom still has it along with the lil people, playground equipment, desks and alphabet magnets that go on the roof for learning to spell!

marla said...

What wonderful finds. It is so fun to shop second-hand stores because you always find such great treasures!!

JBCottens said...

Hey! You must have a pretty good thrift store near by! That is all nice stuff! Love the fabric. And we have little people from Mom and Dad. We will have to share some with you! AWESOME swingset too by the way! I love the picture of Breanna hemming her quilt too! She looks so grown up and accomplished! Yes, I did just combine 3 posts into one comment!