Friday, April 8, 2011

Little Friends

Sure has been busy around here, and spring is coming!  The boys have been having a wonderful time outside, and it's fun to see them so happy together.
Levi said he was taking Andy out to the pond to get some cat-tails to blow in the breeze.
Notice the sturdy arm grip Levi has.  =)
The garden is ready to be tilled under, then planted!  We're looking forward to being able to grow so many more things here, namely corn!
Little overall dudes.
Sweet friends.
The temps are climbing!  We had bout two days of this and then it's been back down in the 40's and some snow. 
Breanna learning to make white-sauce.
She'd like to help with just about everything!
Logging boy ready to take a drive with Daddy.
This little boy is practicing to be a good daddy or uncle someday.
Trying to wrap her up.
He loves babies.
At this age there's quite a bit of eye-poking.

Maybe we need work a little on the carrying technique.
Whenever I'm sewing, Andy comes in and picks out this particular piece of flannel.
Sure is nice to be able to stay home with these kiddos!

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Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Yay! Lots of awesome kid pictures! Love seeing my handsome nephews and my beautiful niece! I know what you mean about Breanna wanting to help with everything-- it isn't two seconds after I put my apron on that there are three kids standing there saying, "I want to cook!" :-)