Friday, April 8, 2011

Breanna's Flannel Quilt, and etc.

She's definately got the quilting bug also, once we pieced the top she wanted to finish it all in one day!  I cut the squares for her, because I'm still unsure of a 6YO with a rotary cutter......  These were fabrics she had in her fabric bin, the monkeys were FQ's from Marlene.
Hamming it up a bit.
Top finished!  She wants to put it in the fair this year.
And, it's pink and green.

And since my scraps were calling my name so loudly, I cut them into little 3inch squares and then in half to make triangles.
I also used up some misc. white scraps to make Half-Square-Triangle blocks.  There are so little and cute!  I used to be terrified of triangles (because the bias stretches), and for years I didn't use them in quilts.  They really aren't so bad, tho, and this was great practice!
I turned the white fabrics upside-down so the prints wouldn't stand out so much, trying to make it all blend.
And here I saw some cute little note-pads, so made some for recent company.  I added some buttons (glued on with a hot-glue-gun that dries quickly), but forgot the little hanging ribbon loop.  These were fun, and a great way to use up little scraps!  My fabric was 2 1/2in. by 3 1/2in., and I used cut up legal-size paper.  (since that's what we had a lot of, someone nicely gave us a ream lately).
Last night we went for a drive, and it started hailing!  We were going to look at some farms for sale and I'd taken the camera along, what fun!

And as we were driving along, Tyler noticed that a cow was about to have a calf!
We stopped to watch the whole process, and it was fun to see the cute little calf learning to stand/walk.  We got quite a few good laughs as he topped onto his nose, over and over.  Good timing!
Today it's beatiful and springy outside, and the birds are having a little singing convention on the powerline just outside the house.  Spring is in the air!


Shay said...

Cute quilt top. That's darn good sewing for a 6 year old. Well done Breanna. And way to go Lisa on the HST's!

Watching something come into the world helps put everything in perspective doesnt it?

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Breanna is a genius! Glad to see her enjoying quilting with you.