Friday, July 15, 2011


Yesterday and today together, felt very productive.  Spent about 3 or 4 hours pinning and sewing the quarter circle blocks.
Today, arranged the blocks to see what looked best.  It takes a lot more effort to make it look scrappy & no similar fabrics close together!  Not entirely successful, but overall I think it looks acceptable.
I now have 3 of the 5 rows of circles, sewn into blocks and then strips.  Spent about 3 more hours.  With so many daily interruptions, it's hard to know exactly on time.
It definately looks better for real than in the pictures, but I'm not liking it quite as much as I thought I would.  But it's going to be quite big!  One huge benefit to smaller quilts.... is they don't take so long to complete!  I think if I didn't make quilts with a deadline, I'd never finish the big ones.  Do you like big quilts or small ones? I'm thinking I need to make a table-runner! =)


Sue said...

I only have big quilts but I bet it would be nice to have a slightly smaller one to curl up in a nice comfy chair and dream a little.

I do like this quilt and hope you do well at the fair. Will wait to hear how that goes.

I use to enter my photographs in our fair, but stopped once I had sold a few and they said I was no longer an amateur. Oh I still feel like one.

Shay said...

I'm a middle sized type of girl when it comes to quilts. That's because I have to push that quilt through a regular sized sewing machine to get it quilted...

Your layout for the quilt looks more than acceptable's gorgeous. I love this more and more every time you show it.

Anonymous said...

Fun fun!! So I went to another quilt shop AND joann's and bought more fabric because I decided half Of mine didn't go with what I was trying to go for for my matching quilts... and I need to absolutely love how they turn out so I somehow justified it - who knows when I'll make another one!! But I actually got a bunch of blocks done that I really like this weekend and found a way to kinda do them faster :) deffinately going back to making purses once the guest bedroom quilts are done tho! Haha and I've got lots of new fabric for them now too. -your lil sis

SunshineStateWilson4 said...

I love your current project! I like big quilts but I don't know that I would ever find the time to finish one, so a simple baby quilt or wall hanging is all I've ever done.