Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First Circle Block

Today I decided I should make 4 extra circle blocks for a row of circles across the back of the quilt.  When I got them all cut, I realized that if I just cut enough for 2 more blocks, I could use them all on the front and make it a queen size by adding borders!  In any case, I now have 120 of each segment cut..... and I tried sewing four together to make a complete circle.
And it was actually pretty simple to sew!  The directions with the template recommend pinning with the pie-shape piece on top, and flipping to sew.  I found mine turned out better (and were simpler) when I kept the pie-shaped piece on top for both.

Now I only wish I could sew all the blocks together, but I really need to make dinner.  I can't wait to see how it turns out!

And Clover, the kids are VERY impressed with the new books.
Thank you!
Tyler also got them a whole set of children's encyclopedias at the second-hand store, they were very impressed.  After lots of play outside, they like to sit and read a bit.
Hope you are all having a wonderful day; it's actually raining here currently..... a very welcome sight and sound!


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Glad they got them! I was feeling so dumb when the first one showed up here and I realized I had had them all sent to the wrong address! :-) It's nice for them to have some down time after all that nice outdoor play.

Sue said...

I love the round block. Good for you and I knew you could do it.
Sure glad your kids love to read. I am sorry to say I was never one for much reading as a child and now my eyes will not let me read much.

Shay said...

Oh Lisa...that block looks fabulous. Those fabrics and colours look wonderful together. Glad to hear it went together with no pain.

Hope the family got dinner....but if they didnt ..I hear cheese on toast is good for you.