Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Not sure on a good name for this one...

My progress on the circle quilt today, was to sort the pieces so they work good for the blocks.  Since all the fabrics seem to go together, I decided to just put a pie-shape and L-shape piece that contrast each other. Since I am working with scraps & such- it was very random and I tried to make it so no two blocks would be the same.
Then put them in a pile to mark and pin.
Just showing you the process, for those of you who don't sew; an entire bed quilt is very time consuming.  But the efforts can be enjoyed for many years! =)
Matching kiddos.
They were being quite silly, and we were in a hurry; but I think they turned out fun.
Farming's been good for this guy- He's lost over 40 pounds!  Now if only I could do that.....
Coming up on 8 years next week, hard to believe!  And we're buying a house.... (supposed to close by the end of July), so excited but know that means a lot of work for me!  Tyler's coming up on the busiest time of year... harvest.  Oh well, looking forward to having our own place.  Then I can decorate..... bring on the paint!!  =)
The boys demonstrating how to hold a kitty.
I wish you could see how much Andy adores the kitten, this one's only a toy.  There always seems to be someone carting him around, and he loves all the attention.  I'm starting to like cats, he's such good entertainment for them!
Levi advising that you DON'T pull the tail.
Sure do love these kids!
I've been trying to do short posts so I don't get too behind.  Thanks Shay, I did make them dinner that night- but tomorrow I'm hoping to do at least one more block.  Fair entries must be turned in the 25th, and I'm thinking this will be for that..... so I've gotta get sewin'!


Shay said...

You do like a challenge Lisa...a whole quilt in under two weeks!It looks wonderful. I adore those colours.

Glad to hear the family werent relegated to eating breakfast cereal for dinner. By the way you all look fabulous- your new home must agree with you.

KatieB said...

Beautiful!! I can't wait to see how it turns out. I've wanted to make a circle quilt for some time now.

And Shay it all look SO happy! Congrats to Tyler...wish you and I lived closer and we could walk together!

Cute pics of the kids...they are such sweet little ones! You and Tyler are doing a wonderful job helping them to grow!


Holly said...

Love the have such super kiddos! And you know, if you want to turn that stuff kitty into a real one, we have four still available!! :) I hope you'll remember to call on me to help you out when you move into your new house!! :)

Sue said...

Your quilt looks great, but to finish it in time for the fair. Good luck. Just don't forget to feed the family and yourself. Also the little kitten.
Sure glad the kids are learning the right way to hold a pet, kitten, dog and any other live animal. One of these days you will have to get a dog for the kids. You know a BIG farm dog! Just kidding.
I look forward to seeing your own home and all the decorating you will be doing. Lot's of work but fun along the way also.
Take care and have a great day.

Amy said...

Congratulations on the house!

amydee said...

I just noticed how much Levi looks like you in this last photo! Such cuties.