Monday, July 11, 2011


Today I finally took a time out to sew.  Or should I say "cut".  And cut, and cut, and cut!
There are 96 of each shape, all cut from various aquas & browns in my stash & scraps.  This is my first attempt at circles.... maybe I should have tried one block first?  Oh well, now that they are all cut out, the sewing should be a breeze.  It took about 4 or 5 hours for all of these, but it should make a large-ish quilt or two baby/lap quilts.  
Now my arms are aching, but I feel like I got something major accomplished.  Along with everything else today, I was just longing for some fun sewing time.  It was even worth staying up late.  Anyone tried to sew circles like this and have any advise?


Shay said...

I cheated last time I did circles by not bothering with seams...I used heatbond and bascially appliqued them down I cant really help but everything Ive read says use lots of pins and go slow!

Glad you got some cutting time! Good luck. You can do a tutorial for the rest of us poor slobs so we know how to do it when we get brave!

Sue said...

You can do it. I look forward to seeing it when you have it done or at least one circle done.