Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Working on a WIP

I pulled out an old project I stopped for some reason (I think it was last January when we were packing to move), in the hopes of finishing it.  Here's what I'd done before storing it: 

I sewed the strips together with sashing, and added some borders.  Even though I don't like the process of aplique, I love the finished result; and decided this would be nice with some flowers and vines apliqued around the larger border. Any advice or better ideas??

Then I'm thinking of scalloped edges.... they always look so nice and are worth the effort.  Right now, tho, it's ready for quilting and then hand-applique to the top later.

I seem to be good at making quilts and then keeping too many of them, hence quilts that aren't getting used.  So, this one I decided would be great hanging in the living room or dining room, as it matches the colors nicely. Always nice to finish up something that's been sitting around!  I've been busy on lots of things, actually, but this is what I have photos of.  How many WIPs do you have? I'm very excited about my goal this year of not spending.... it's encouraging me to finish things up!  I can't seem to find anything that will be suitable for binding, tho, so it may get to that step and have to wait till next January.  This was a scrap quilt, measuring about 48" square, I'm guessing.


Marilyn White said...

I have Rubbermaids full of WIPs!! Plus if you ever run out of places to shop for material, you can come to our house. However, I have finished some projects lately and it DOES feel good!

Lisa said...

Ha ha, thanks Marilyn! Actually I think it would be fun to come see where you live, saw some nice photos of the new house! I have rubbermaids full of all sorts of projects too... but it is so nice to finish them and stack the empty ones for more space... =)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

My WIPs aren't even "works in progress"-- they're "works in planning"! Before Marilla was born, I made a list of all the little projects I wanted to do, and I think there was over 50 of them. I have a lot of the stuff to do these projects, too, but two years later, I don't think I've done any of them. I've lost the list, too, so I'm really on a roll! :-)

Sarcastic Quilter said...

well, my first thought was donate it as is but then I read on and you want to hang it so yes, I think your idea regarding the applique is a good one. :)