Monday, January 18, 2010

Pink and Purple for Anelise is Complete!

Wow, I actually got it done before the day it was needed.... that's new for me!  =D  Here it is on the quilting table.

Draped over the edge, after the binding was finished.

And the back, not too exciting, but it coordinates with the front, and the binding contrasts it well.

All folded up for a closer view.

A pretty variegated thread.

And after a washing for that wonderful crinkly texture.

BTW, this one really shrunk in washing, good thing I made it a little big!  The biginning measurements were 67.5in. x 95in., but after washing it was down to 63in. x 89.5in.!!

And, of course, one of the kids. Whenever I try to take a picture of Andy, there are two others that instantly appear!  =D  I'm so glad they are such good friends.

Happy 6th Birthday, Anelise!


Amy said...

Looks great, Lisa!

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Just Beautiful Lisa. I love that quilting.

Sheri said...

We love it and it looks great in her room. Thanks so much

Lisa said...

Thanks, girls, it looked so cute in her room with purple walls and pink curtains; Sheri- could I get a photo maybe via email? Thanks for all the nice compliments, sometimes I'm not sure if my stuff is really that nice or you're just all too sweet! =D

beth said...

What a wonderful quilt! Isn't it fun to give them to friends and family! I think so too!