Thursday, January 28, 2010

Creativity struck again...

Yesterday I realized that the apron pattern I made up, uses one 1/2 yard piece for the main part, and that's what I had of the yellow!  I set to work and this is what I came up with..... an apron for me!  Breanna loves the way it turned out and said she wants one too, more on that further down....

For the neck band I made a tie, so its' adjustable- and I like the look.  Ric-rac also "seams" to add a lot.

For the ties I used wide, pink bias tape.

I was excited thinking it was done and ready to wear, when I realized I forgot the pockets!  So I made some quick, but tried using the cut-in-half charm square for the top band..... and realized I couldn't fit my hand into those pockets.  So since Breanna decided she wants one too, I think I'll use them for hers and make me some more.

Thanks for your compliments on the star block, and since I only have one finished- I'm going to use it for her apron too!  This is a fun little apron grandma Jill bought her a few years ago that she absolutely loves, so I'm going to try something similar. She uses it for playing "cook", and it's getting pretty small.

On a funny note; yesterday when I was working on my apron, Breanna came and asked me (regarding a blog I read), "Mom, does she really quilt in her pajamas?" I said I thought so, she seemed ok with it, and I figured it was done.  However, less than a minute later she came back wearing her "cooking" apron and said "Mom, I'm going to be the girl that sews in my apron!"  I haven't laughed so hard in a long time.  =) 

I was hesitant to make her an apron with these fabrics since she seems to stain her aprons at mealtime, but Tyler mentioned maybe we could sew in our matching aprons! She has been sewing up a storm, so this could be fun.  Then when I'm done I'm not covered in threads and strings!

She has been sewing up a storm.... mostly on her own!  I have tried a few projects with her, but found it frustrating because though she has all the enthusiasm possible- she is still barely 5 and needs a bit more coordination to make clothes.  She kept begging me to let her sew, so I finally said sure- but use your machine.  I'd given her some scraps and let her have at it- and you should see what she's coming up with!  She's getting great practice at using the machine, and even wound her own bobbins while I was making dinner!  When the machine jams up she just stops and uses a needle and thread till I can come help.  She's having a blast and I can sew at the same time....

There's quite a bit of the fabric left, so I'm thinking a doll quilt and maybe a small purse.  Back to the machine, maybe tomorrow.  Today has been one of those "taking care of three little ones is about all I get done" days.  But I love them, they won't last forever. 


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...


That apron is sweet. Love the way you've put it together.Completely inspired. Almost makes me want to make one myself.

And Yay ! I'm recognised in Alaska as the pyjama quilting lady! I always knew I'd be internationally famous someday - I think this is my 15 minutes.

For Breanna: Yes I really DO quilt in my pyjamas. It's Friday lunchtime here and I'm still not out of them. Today's pyjamas are Elmo ones. But most days I'm up really early to get dressed to go to work and I dont think it would be a good idea to go to work in my pyjamas, although I would love to! ( the kids I work with might think it's pretty fun too)

When you get a bit older you might start your own blog called Sewing in My Apron. Sounds like a great name for a blog to me !

beth said...

that was so cute! Yes kids grow up SUPER fast! so enjoy them while they're young and with you.