Friday, October 5, 2012

Finish-it-up Friday!

My favorite blog, Crazy Mom Quilts, has been doing a "finish-it-up-Friday" post, and I decided it was perfect timing!  I've been sorting all my scraps and stash, trying to finish up projects and get some order.  I've noticed that sewing is much more enjoyable when the house is clean, chores are finished, and unfinished projects are finished.

This is a quilt I mentioned here, that I put together at last year's quilt retreat.  I'm going again this month, and decided it was time to get it off the shelf of unfinished projects.
This week I added some borders and quilted it.  I just finished hand-sewing the binding to the back this afternoon.
 It would fit right into our living room.
Can you tell what colors I like?

 My picture helper.

 The backing.
 Another helper.

 The breeze was also helping.

I finally got the guts to go through my color-sorted scrap bins, and cut them up.  I now have a bin of 2.5inch strips, another bin of 2inch strips, some quilt blocks cut from 1.5inch strips, a bin of squares(5, 4.5, and 4inch), and now they might actually get used!  Determined to use up what I have before buying new, and packing for this year's retreat will be simpler.  Just take my tubs, and bags of unfinished projects!
Expect to see some more log-cabin quilts this fall.  I still consider them my favorite block.  There are so many things you can do with them!
This entire quilt was made from scraps/stash, and many of them my not-so-favorite fabrics.  I love the overall effect, glad I didn't get rid of them!
The quilt is now in the wash, to get crinkly and see how much it shrinks.  I used Polyester batting this time, which is a favorite around here because it's warmer.  The current measurements are 72.5 x 100 inches, and I am recording it for future reference.  Should make a nice twin-size, Levi has already claimed it. ;)


Sonia B said...

Beautiful quilt and beautiful quilting. I have those kind of helpers too ;)

Fankle said...

Great colours, simple but v effective :)

beth said...

Wow! It looks like it's big enough! ;) What a beauty!

Rebekah said...

So, so beautiful! Enjoy your retreat, can't wait to see what you accomplish and/or start!

made by marika said...

I really like the quilting pattern you chose. Beautiful quilt!

marla said...

Wow Lisa you always amaze me with your work and talent. I love fabric and papers also but I stick with just making fabric flowers.TFS

Bethaney said...

Love this quilt! That first picture of Breanna looks so grown up.... Have fun at the retreat!