Monday, November 21, 2011

Quilting Retreat Projects

First off, here is a group photo from the Quilt Retreat, one from Brenda.  We really had a great time!
Second of all, thanks for the good laugh!  I had so much fun reading your guesses.... and it looks like you all know me better than the ladies at the retreat!  (Except for Mom, she knows I'm a "Speedy Gonzales" with the sewing machine).

Here are some photos of the projects, I will post better ones once they are complete.
This is entirely scraps- finished it will be a baby or lap-size.

Another baby or lap-size, this is tiny squares leftover from my circles quilt.

Hexagon doll-size, or table-mat.

Need to add some borders and this will be Queen-size for Breanna's bed.  Once again, entirely scraps/stash.

Twin-size, can you tell I made a dent in the blue-scraps bin?

This was just playing with some tiny scraps from the log-cabin purples & yellows quilt I did last month; this is already quilted and shrunk- will be completed as a pillow for Breanna's bed.  I stippled it using my regular sewing machine, and remembered why I love the HQ16!  Oh well, Breanna is very pleased with it.

Twister block table runner and matching hotpad for a good friend.

Twin-size, this also made a big dent in the blue scraps.  I do need to find enough for 2 more blocks, and I bought the lighter yellow sashing while at the retreat.

So.... it looks like Rebekah is the winner!  
Thanks for all your guesses, and I will try to be more productive next year.....  (wink)

It felt so good to make useful things out of stuff I already had.

For Rebekah I have a choice:
Choose two of these twister hotpads, or let me know which colors you'd prefer.  I have lots more scraps that need used up, so don't feel bad about asking for something else!
(I will finish them when you choose).

I thought this blueberry print would look nice for binding on the yellow and blue quilt.

And I got these coordinating prints to make a purse.

No plans for this Fat Quarter yet, but I couldn't resist those sweet, tiny flowers!

Nor could I resist these delicious-looking 5-inch "candy" charm squares.
I'm thinking they'll make a nice table runner or some more hot-pads.

And I got these fun FQ's in the "Funky Fat Quarter Exchange".
Each person brought three FQ's with themed prints, and it was fun to come home with something new.

Getting ready for Thanksgiving, hope you all have a wonderful holiday!


Rebekah said...

Well, goodness, how fun is that! :) I love the cupcakes and cherries, either variety of them, surprise me! Look at all those fun projects! I'm looking forward to getting some mad scrapping done in December. No retreats, except retreating to my basement craft corner!!

Shay said...

Oh my goodness. So many beautiful projects.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

KatieB said...

Wow! You're Superwoman! Yo udo such beautiful work...thanks for sharing them with us. :)

Sue said...

I love the twister ones. I would love to have two potholders. Let me know what the price is for them. I love green, cream and rosy pinks.
Thanks. Sue C. No hurry just when ever.

Amy said...

Lisa, I am amazed once again by your talent! Beautiful work...every one of them!