Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Future Idea

Although I've decided not to try and keep up with this anymore, I thought it might be fun to do a flick'r account for crafty project photos.  It's quick and simple to upload photos, so I'll let you know when I get that account figured out.  It may sound silly, but it sure feels good to not think about keeping up with this blog anymore!! 
The whole house issue is not the end of the world, both times we've listed it we've gotten buyers almost immediately, so I'm thinking it will work out before too long.  It's just very tough to be paying a mortgage and rent, bills at each house, and living on 1/2 the budget we used to have!  It's beautiful and sunny here today, not to mention 40 degrees (in the middle of December!); and we sure have a nice little family.  Last night we went to Dollar Tree to look for a silicone pan (more on that later), used up the last of Breanna's gift-card from her birthday at Dairy Queen for some good old ice cream fun, and celebrated the fact that we still have a really nice house in Alaska.  Ha ha.  Actually, maybe we should go for a vacation!  =)
The reason we were looking for a silicone pan, is because my friend Katie showed a fun post about making crayon shapes from broken crayons.  We gave it a try, what fun!  Not sure how we're going to get the rest of the wax out to try again, but the kids are sure how fun they'll be to color with! 
Thanks for reading my blog, hopefully it has inspired you to be creative, and I'll let you know my flick'r address when I get it.  Might be next week, I'm working on the JoAnn's quilting challenge and it's due this Saturday!


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

That means I'll have to work out FlickR too..but for you I'll do it!

Sue said...

I will miss your blog, but understand with a family and being busy with all your projects, something has to give so goes the blog. I will have to find your FlickR and follow you there.