Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Slip-Slidin' and Summer Fun!

Need I say more?

Levi has learned to pump his feet while swinging, and loves to swing for loooong periods of time!
Andy heading out to ride the tractor with Daddy, you could tell he thought he was pretty hot stuff, the only kid going!
 He went potty in the toilet today, so got to go as a treat.


Anna Marie said...

Looks like fun :) all I saw was big grins on those kids!! And way to go Andy!! Haha but seriously, what wouldn't that kid do for a ride on a tractor?!

Olivia Vaughan said...

Aww they're all so sweet! They need big cuddles. I'm sure you'd mind giving them to them for me... :)

billieq said...

Are you still posting---I havent had any updates for ages---maybe I got unplugged from your list?? Sure hope not. Last one I got was August and it's Oct. now!!