Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birthday, visitors, burning fields, and some scraps.

We were so lucky, the great folks from Alaska drove hours out of the way to see us, Grandmother & Grandson are on a road trip and our little town was way out of the way.  What a treat!  Connor even killed a rattlesnake that was by the house, yikes!
The kids started swimming lessons yesterday, but I forgot to take my camera!  They both loved it, so I'll have to next time.  Afterwards we over to "Grandma Sue's", and she matched Andy.  Minus the watermelon juice...  Quite a special neighbor we have!
Yesterday they also burned a bunch of the wheat fields (before tilling and planting carrotts), it was quite a sight!

Right across the street from us, the kids had a great watching post.  You could feel the heat when walking into the room!
This little boy turned two this week!

When I showed him both cake-mixes, he chose the strawberry.  I added some chocolate chips and marshmallows since he loves them.

This little boy was very happy when the birthday boy had a nap.... so he could try out the new equipment. =)

I'm taking a break from working on the house for a bit, I was getting overwhelmed and longing to sew a bit.  I had a lot of scraps from the circle quilt, so cut them into 2 1/2 inch squares.  Three hundred of them!
These are what what left of they smaller stuff, thinking they might work for making cards?  I can't seem to throw even the tiny ones away.
I laid them all out and sewed them into strips, hope to get it finished another day.  It sure was a fun little distraction!
Thanks for stoppin' by!


Shay said...

I keep forgetting that Little P and Andy are practically the same age. Where has the last two years gone! Happy Birthday Little guy!

I love the colours in your scrappy quilt Lisa and Im glad you found the time to do some sewing. All work and no play makes us crafters cranky!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

What a grown-up birthday boy! I'm surprised the tractors you bought him were a hit! ;-)

marla said...

What a great quilt. Yes the small scraps of fabric or even small strips of fabric can be used to make flowers to put on cards and scrapbook layouts. I have been having fun recently make some fabric flowers!!