Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lots of Changes!

We've got lots going on around here, and I haven't been taking time to blog!  Getting too many requests for pictures, tho, so here goes.  By the way, this post has nothing to do with quilting, so if you're looking for that; check back later.  =)
In August, our youngest turned one year old!
You should have heard the noises he was making....
This kids LOVES to eat, especially whip cream!
We're trying to teach him to eat somewhat civilized, and he made a pretty good attempt at using the fork.
But hands are so convenient!
Yay!  Happy first Birthday Andy!
My aunt made him a quilt that arrived the day before his birthday, thank you aunty Clariss!  Andy says tractor, and the kids all love it.  It's also quite fitting for the upcoming move!
Besides the cake, Andy seemed to enjoy the balloons the most.
Since he's one we also turned the carseat around.... and he's so much happier!
It's been really fun puting the boys in matching outfits.
Or at least similar.
Can you tell they like each other?

In August my "baby" also started Kindergarten!
She loved dasies, and the color green, so we were excited to find this dress for the first day of school.
She was a little hesitant when the bus actually came, and it seemed Levi sensed her nervousness and went to the rescue!  They are really close friends, even though they seem to argue so much.
It's quite different having just two little boys for the day, and Levi especially missed her.  He occupied his time playing and checking on Andy, but when it was time to go pick her up he said "Oh good, then Breanna can play with me!"
Can I eat this, Mom?
When Breanna came home, the comments were quite interesting.  I told her that the boys really missed her, and asked if she missed them.  She said "Mom, I didn't even think about them; there was always so much to do!"  She's thoroughly enjoying it.  At the dinner table Daddy asked what she thought of the bus, and she said "There were even some kids on there that were 14th graders!"  =)  (The bus is only for elementary- up thru 5th grade.)

We said goodbye to our dog, Max, since we'll be moving to Oregon this fall.
After he was gone (an elderly man who needed a companion adopted him), Breanna said, "do you think Max misses us yet?"
Tyler also added the new back deck!
 We're hoping to do some dirtwork over the holiday weekend and then get some grass planted, but for now the kids are loving it.
 We had rain for about 6 weeks straight, so when things brightened up we enjoyed the outside!
Trying out the bike-trailer.
 One especially sunny day, I grabbed a blanket and some quilt books; and headed for the lawn.
We made a few "additions", the first blanket turned out too small for everyone to lounge comfortably.  =)  And it was such a bright day that I didn't notice the lens on my camera wasn't entirely opened....
Sweet kids.

Doing his silly "knee walking" trick.
Breanna being silly.
Breanna and I had some entries in the fair, but that will have to wait till next time.  We've all been busy around here, and with a weekend trip to Oregon in there too, I've hardly had time to think!


Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Thank you for all the pictures! You've had a lot of busy, exciting things happening up there, and now you'll be even busier getting ready for your move! So glad little Breanna likes school-- she's such a smart little girl, I'm sure she'll continue to love it.

Kylee said...

thanks for the pictures!
I was not one that bugged you about it, but I checked for new ones every day!

Alma said...

I loved the John Deere quilt! I have a five-year old grandson who is into John Deere, and seeing the quilt definitely got my creative jiuces going! Lovely blog about family life, too!

Simply Anna Marie said...

YAY!!! Love all the pictures :) ...i check every day too for new ones haha. they have grown so much since June!! Sorry I can't come play with the kids while u pack but at least your not pregnant! (right?) haha love ya Sis

Tiffany said...

Cute kids! The little fella is a first rate cake-eater. And the brotherly rescue at the school bus is adorable.

Amy said...

You're moving?!?!?

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Loved this post because it was so great to catch up on everything that's been going on. I really miss you when you dont post , but understand things have been crazy busy there.

I cant believe Andy is a year old already!

billieq said...

Didn't know about your expected move south, does that mean to South Oregon, or some far off corner where we'll still not see you very often? At least it's closer, huh? Love your blog, like the quilting part but not being a quilter myself don't miss it as much as some. Billie