Thursday, August 5, 2010

And other stuff too....

Of course I've been sewing too, can't help it!  We've actually been so busy in so many ways, and I haven't taken the time to blog.  But I decided that if I waited till I had time, I'd never get it done!  So hopefully there's more to come shortly, but till then here's a few recent photos I love. 

Doesn't he look like a pro?  This was at the Walker's house, guess we'll have to find him one!

I'd better get to bed, I need to get up in 6 hours!

But I did finish Beth's striped challenge quilt, all in a day!  I thought and thought about it for days, was intending to use sleeves cut from Tyler's shirts, then decided to just do a small one to get it done with and try something bigger later.  I've been working very hard at doing things I say I will, and this was supposed to be done by September, I believe. 
The rule was that you had to use lots of striped fabric. 

I learned that stripes are great for binding, but for quilt tops I prefer them to be mixed with lots of solids, other prints, etc.  More as an accent.     (the back)
Finished measurements are 24 x 24 inches.
The back is a "candy" flannel, and front is pieced from part of a  Moda Jelly Roll (Quilt Diva) that Marlene gave me.  I was determined to not buy anything for this project, and it worked!  Breanna is very pleased with the results, perfect for dollies.  =)

The rest will have to come later, what have you been working on?


Simply Anna Marie said...

WOW house looks AMAZING! and the kids are still adorable :) Looks great sista! Last night I started a Blg for Chad so he has some sort of "website" to give people, to see what he does. Then as he does a project he'll put it on there(or I will) with pictures! So... its got a temp. post and picture just so I could play with colors and stuff but bookmark it and check it out in a week or 2...should have some posts up by then ;) or there is a link off my page. Hugs and kisses to the kids!!

Becky Gonce said...

Love the strip quilt... then again I like them... haven't sewed with them cuz I'm scared of the matching... love the new front porch!

Twila said...

Hi! Welcome to the field! It will be nice getting to know you and the family when the bus arrives. :-) I found your blog by blog hopping.. knew I'd seen it somewhere before, so I went searching..