Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Playing Catchup

So much has been going on here, but I seem to be severely lacking in the picture-taking department.  Sometimes I think "oh no, we won't have any pictures of this!", then I remember that life is about living; and it can have some incredible memories even if there aren't any pictures!  =)

Andy being "Daddy".
 His "smile".
 Learning to cut with scissors, he could do this all day long!
 Camden & Jonathan (and their Mommy) came to visit from Alaska.  The kids had so much fun playing together!
 Andy sitting on the windowsill being funny.  The windowsill that also happens to have teeth-marks in the paint.... hmm, wonder where that came from?
 Levi's Airplane.  He loves to build with Lego's and Construx for hours.
 Sometimes the kids play games or Starfall on the computer, and Andy likes to watch.  This was on a day he was sure he didn't need a nap.
After Grandpa Fred's funeral, we went to the Logging Museum, aka Collier Park.  It was a blast, the kids thoroughly enjoyed it!  Lots of huge equipment.  Daddy might have had some interest in this stuff too. :)

Cut from a 200ft. tall tree, it was something like 400 or 600 years old!

 They were fascinated with the idea that some of these things started with a crank!

 O.K. Puckett was my grandmother's uncle.

 It seemed really cold out, thank goodness for warm wool coats!

 I like this cabin!
 That's one huge sled!

 Ha ha, that's an old combine!

 This one's for Grandpa Lee, Daddy says it's his favorite kind of truck.

 A bunch of old chainsaws.
 HUGE saw blade!

And that's all folks!


Bethaney said...

You guys all have matchy sort of coats! I like how you are all in warm coats and Ty is wandering around in a shirt. Typical. Love Andy's daddy grin!!! :-) And that picture of him on the windowsill just makes me want to squeeze him.
If OK Puckett was your... great something or other, you are pretty much logging royalty right? :-) Love some of those pictures at Collier Park!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

I, too, am loving all the wool coats! I can see Tyler and the kids being fascinated by that place. Very cool!

marla said...

What great photos to help you remember some fun times!!