Friday, October 21, 2011

Scraps and such.

Well look at that, it's already been over two weeks since last posting!  Anyway, here's what I've been up to in the sewing room.

I'm looking forward to a quilting retreat next month (imagine.... 4 days of sewing and fun, with no interruptions!!), so I've spent a bit of time preparing.  I'm cutting out various projects, to limit the amount to pack.  It's hard to know how many things will get done, so I'm stocking up.  Even if I don't get to them all, it's nice to have the cutting done so I can sew when I get a little chance at home.  And if know myself at all, it's nice to have options. =)
 These little bags are for sorting scraps or projects.  The handles in the pattern were supposed to be on the ends, but Mom said they looked silly, and I agreed.  They looked cute, but I couldn't seem to get a good picture- so on the two after the first, I put them on the sides.  Fun way to use up scraps!
 When I was looking for something fun to work on, I found these fun little strips in the scrap bin that were already cut.  So I found some more fabrics, and made a baby-size log-cabin quilt! The strips were about 1 1/2 inches, so it took awhile to get much for size.
 The leftovers were begging to be used also.  A matching bag!  I'm trying really hard to use things up.
 This was actually the result of using up the "leftovers" from one of the projects I cut out for retreat.  First came the disappearing-4-patch table-runner, then a pot-holder, and finally a mini-quilt and pillow for a small doll.  Those little squares are only one-inch finished.  I threw away the leftover bits and pieces.... and now the leftovers are used up before the intended project.  Seems kindof backwards, but it was nice to not add more to the overflowing scrap bins!
 These were fun scraps the boys always like to pull out.  Cute little frogs.  I made a doll-size from the 2-in-strips, and a mini-quilt from the 1 1/2-inch strips.
 After the success of the pink-and-yellow quilt, I decided to try some purple and yellow.  It's amazing how much I can find that looks good just from scraps!  I think I have too many.....  These were using 2-inch scraps, so went a little faster.
This is the new sewing room, it used to be the laundry room.  It's currently quite packed, but it's so nice to be able to sew a bit!  The huge quilting table is going to have to be set up in the garage, so it's waiting there patiently.  With all these quilt-tops getting done, I'm going to keep it busy when it's finally set up!
 The washing machine is hooked up in there because the plumbing has not yet been re-routed to the garage.  Makes things a bit crowded, but it sure beats the cost at the laundromat!
 And the dryer is in the garage, again quite silly-looking, but ever so functional.  =)
Andy and I did enjoy the laundromat one day.... when we got some doughnuts to share.  After all, you must have something to do while you're waiting, right?
Breanna and Levi got to spend a couple days with Kiera and aunt Kylee while Breanna had a couple days off of school, and Breanna came home with Beautiful hair!  I told her I was proud of her being good so long for Kylee to do it that way, she said it was because she got to sit down while waiting.  Aha.....
 I was impressed!
 This is what the corner of the garage looked like when we bought it..... 
 And though the kid is cute, the workbench had to go.
 Thanks to Larry B., we now have grouted tile where the laundry is going to be!
(ha ha, can you tell where the workbench was?)
 And down to the 3rd bathroom.
 It was definately a work-bathroom, but I see potential.
 It's always good to have an extra bath for company,
 And amazing what a little tile can do.  Don't worry, lots more improvements before we expect anyone to use it. =)
 The tile goes all the way to the door to the outside, which someone wasn't thinking when they installed..... it's got the wrong swing!  So now looking for a replacement door, but that works for now.  The door to the left goes to the sewing room (old laundry).
The tile is also grouted in the mast bathroom.... yahoo!!
 definately an improvement over what it was before.  And I painted the cabinet white, to brighten things up.
When Daddy was installing some of the tile, he had some excellent helpers.
 Mixing the thin-set.
 Levi even got to smooth some on, he was quite sure he was a very big boy.
 The boys enjoying a good tractor book from Grandma Jill.
 Having a good lunch-time chat with Daddy.  Nose-picking says it was serious. 
 Ever since we moved here, the kids have asked to go for a walk to the cemetery on the corner.  So when Marcella and Brooks came over for a walk, we went.  It was a beautiful evening!
 They'd never done such a thing, it was quite a learning experience.

 I liked this on the back of one tombstone.
And that's all for now folks, what have you been up to?  Any color suggestions for more scrap-busting quilts? I'm wanting to try purple and green, as Leah (was it you?) suggested a while back.

On a funny note, Levi keeps hearing me talk about "making a dent in the scrap bins", and he often mentions he wants to watch when I do it.  =)


Leah S said...

Yup, purple and green was me. :)

Love seeing the progress on your house, it's always nice to have a home of your own.

Perhaps Levi thinks you're going to kick a dent in the scrap bins?! :D

Bethaney said...

Awesome quilts! I was needing some inspiration to get cracking, so hopefully I will crank out some projects pretty quick! I just can't seem to WANT to do it.
Love Breanna's hair like that. I think you should do that every morning. ;-)
Exciting progress on the house!

marla said...

Great job on making things out of your scraps. You are so talented with your color combinations and what you can make out of your scraps!!!

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Glad you're getting settled, have fun at the quilt retreat. I can't IMAGINE four days without kids-- I'm sure it will fly by and you'll be glad to come home. Enjoy!