Friday, July 9, 2010


We got the new windows put in the front of the house last week!  It's amazing how much better the white vinyl looks than the old painted greyish-blue wood, and they look so pretty and new.
And the others.....
Today my friend Kelly is watching the kids while we put up siding, hopefully photos soon.  Daddy has the day off work, and then we're also getting ready for a yard sale tomorrow- can't wait to clear things out!
This carseat is reversible so we needed it for Andy since he's now just shy of 23 lbs. but still not one year.  It was very dirty and wouldn't wash clean.....
So I used the cover as a pattern, and used some nylon-ish fabric that I quilted to make a new one!  Not perfect, but it looks incredibly better.  He seems to think he's quite a big boy not in the infant seat anymore; and although he's heavy enough to not want to carry it, I miss taking it into the store when he was asleep!
A cosmetic bag for my friend Kari who's going back to Washington.
This was fun to make!
And what I have so far on the strawberry quilt.  I'm working on borders next, but for now it's time to do siding and get ready for a garage sale!


Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Gosh Lisa you've been busy! Isnt it fabulous when your house starts to come together just like you envisaged in your head? I'm still up to my eyeballs in a kitchen with no cornices and mutli coloured paint, and a half tiled floor in various stages of demolish-ment! (Yes I am completely aware thts not even a word - see how stressed I am !)

Evan and Clover and Co. said...

Hard to believe Andy is that big already! There is definitely a downside to them leaving the portable carseat. I am SO impressed with you making a new carseat cover, it looks great!

Good luck with the garage sale, hope it is worthwhile!

Simply Anna Marie said...

I miss those kids! Miss you too! ;) Hugs to everyone... and good luck with the 3 little monsters. I posted something on my blog... maybe I'll actually get stuff on it more often now that im part of the old and married and mature club. (or maybe just old and married...haha) The carseat was AWESOME! and loved the little bags too.